Refund Policy


If you are not satisfied with your assignment, we will make you happy

The order can be canceled within a day only which means exact 24 hours or it can be replaced by buying the writing task of the same amount, or there will be a complete refund*. Although, if the assignment has been designated to the writer, it will not be possible to refund the amount because the writer would have started his research and study and is required to be compensated for that.

We provide you guidance that enriches your learning and facilitates you to make the most of your experience

In problematic situations such as additional charges or the double payments, it is needed to ensure that our team is informed regarding the issue. Also, the receipt for the payment or the additional charges must be provided (of the payment facilities such as the PayPal, online transfer by bank or the western union) through the email. We will assure for the complete reimbursement as soon as we get the confirmation.

To deliver the tasks meeting the deadlines is at the top of our priorities, but there might be problematic situations as well. If we are not able to meet the deadline, we will reimburse the complete amount* only if the customer does not use the task. The amount is also refunded when the task is not used by them due to missed deadline. Yet if the customer is using the task, there will be no refund.

First of all, we ensure that the task is delivered on time, but in case you are facing such problems, kindly share and communicate your concerns with our 24/7 customer care team for an explanation. If the customer care team give no response to two entire business/working days, there will be full reimbursement of the payment from our side

If you did not the marks as per your hopes and the expectations, you could not ask for the reimbursement. Our objective is to provide the best quality writing material, but the final scores depend on the student's overall performance.

We offer the best assignments and the writing tasks, but if in case the student got failed in the task, provide us ther proofs and we will reimburse the payment completely.


48 hours are needed for the refund process, and we request our customers to be patient if your claim has been approved. The refund can be claimed within 30days, and after that period we will not be able to facilitate and respond to the claims.


We provide academic help according to the laws prescribed by the British government. Beware of scammers as we do not have any other website.