School Holidays In UK 2024: Complete Detail


As we step into the new year 2024. The families and especially the children start planning their trips, activities, and events they are going to enjoy this year. They eagerly wait for school holidays to get a break from their studies. And enjoy leisure activities with their friends and family. But before planning for this holiday, they need to note down the dates these holidays fall in. In this blog post, we will provide you with the complete holiday calendar and some tips to make the most out of these holidays.

School Holiday Calendar For 2024:

Spring Half-Term Break:

The first holidays students are going to witness this year are the Spring half-break holidays. These holidays are five days long, starting from 17th February to 21st February. They serve as a welcome pause in the middle of February. In these week-long holidays, families can plan short trips or close family events and small get-togethers. You can also look to participate in the local activities organized by your community, visit city parks or video game stations to have a PUBG battle with your friends

Easter Holidays:

The second holiday session students are going to witness this year is the Easter holidays. These holidays start on the 31st of March as the flowers bloom and the weather warms up. These holidays are almost two weeks long and end on 11th April. They provide students with an extended break from their studies to enjoy the beauty of nature. During these days, families can take part in Easter egg hunts, long walks in the parks, or take a long family trip.

May Half-Term Break:

Another half academic break waiting for students this year starts on 26th May and ends on 30th May. It is a four-day short holiday period. It marks the end of the string session and the beginning of the summer session, with the days getting longer and warmer. This session invites the families to engage in more outdoor activities, enjoy the bright sun, and explore local attractions in the town. If you are a nursing student and have a bunch of assignments to complete this holiday, you can always seek help from professional nursing assignment writing services.

Summer Holidays:

The summer holidays are known to be the most awaited academic break students wait for the entire year. They provide students with the longest vacation period of the year. This year the summer holidays will commence on 24th July and will extend till 29th September. During these holidays families often plan vacations at popular destinations far from their hometowns. So whether you aim to spend your summer break on a beach retreat, a city adventure, or a countryside escape, plan it earlier to get the place as these sites are usually full during the holiday season.

Autumn Half-Term Break:

The last half of the team break from the academic session this year will be observed from 24th October to 1st November. It will be a week-long break. It marks the start of autumn when leaves change color and break free from the stems. Students can enjoy these holidays by engaging in activities like pumpkin picking, harvest festivals, and cozy indoor experiences

Christmas Holidays:

Closing out the year, the Christmas holidays will be held from 23rd December 2024 to 7th January 2025. Students love spending time with their families during this period, creating crafts and decorations, singing carols, reading Christmas stories, and cooking delicious sweets. Numerous customs associated with Christmas date back to older celebrations, such as gift-giving, copious food consumption, and tree decoration.


The school holidays in the UK for 2024 offer a myriad of opportunities for families to connect, explore, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re planning a grand summer adventure or a cozy winter retreat, understanding the school holiday calendar and incorporating thoughtful planning ensures a delightful break for all. So, start marking your calendars and get ready for a year filled with unforgettable moments and family fun.


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