Housing Crisis For International Students In UK Universities

Housing Crisis For International Students


Students in Scotland are having trouble finding housing, according to recent research conducted by the National Union of Students.

According to experts, the demand for student housing is rising. Students are taking what is given to them out of desperation. They are staying with relatives who live far away, couch surfing with friends, etc.

University Students & Their Struggle:

A report claims that although record demand for housing is forcing university students in the UK to deal with “unprecedented rent rises,” the value of the maintenance loan meant to cover living expenses is stagnating.

According to a poll by the real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield, many students are having trouble finding cheap rooms because overall rents have increased by more than 8% this year compared to 2022–2023. There are instances when the gains are noticeably greater—in one case, they increased by 27%.

Planning & Policies:

The planning restrictions were the first of all of this. It has become difficult for owners as a result. They must apply for an HMO permit by the law before accepting anyone onto their premises.

The fierce rivalry for properties, which drove up prices, is another factor. 10% more has been added, and in some towns, that amount has increased by 20%. According to the NUS, students are having difficulty. Their rent appears to be three times more expensive than their loan for maintenance.

Since 2022, students have complained about it, which has led to:

Unreasonably High Lodging Expenses:

The cost of housing is rising for international students studying in the UK. The available rent is between 850 and 1400 pounds, making it a costly option. There isn’t any temporary housing available. They have to sign agreements or risk losing their accommodations. If a student needs adjustments, they have to decide quickly.

Although the UK has achieved its goal, there is a shortage of housing.

Seeking the highest education possible, students continue to pour into this nation in large numbers. Sources claim that the UK achieved its goal of enrolling 600,000 international students. Regretfully, they don’t have enough lodging or a sufficient amount of lodging.

How Can Overseas Students Manage The Workload & Demands Of Their Studies In The UK?

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How Are The Universities Addressing This?

We are pleading with the universities to take part in this. They are expected to gather and furnish data regarding the accommodations provided to their students.

Take Nottingham as an example, for instance. The university in the community will cooperate with the local government.

Latest Initiative:

“This year, universities worked closely with students and the housing sector to ensure students find appropriate accommodation,” according to a spokesman for a UK university. He continued by saying that they searched for early answers because they were aware of the issues.

The UK has to get to work on housing restrictions immediately. Universities ought to put more money into helping students and purchasing houses. Students should make plans because the housing market is subject to fluctuations. Plan with your spending so that you won’t experience any difficulties while you’re away from home.


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